Ph.D position: « Generate, follow, capitalise knowledge transformation occurring between product designers and environmental experts activities »

Internet website:

1. ARC 8 topic concerned: design and innovation of products and sustainable services
2. PhD supervisors:
– First PhD Supervisor : Dr. Andreas Riel (Prof.)
– Secondary PhD Supervisor : Dr. Maud Rio (Associate Prof.)
– Phone : +33
– E-mail addresses :,
– Laboratory : G-SCOP -
– Employer – 3 years contract : Grenoble University –
– Doctoral School of at tachment : IMEP2 – /as/ed/

Selection criteria of the PhD candidate Prerequisites:
• Engineering diploma or master in engineering
• Strong interest in the subjects of environmental sustainability and eco-design, as well as in the related processes, methods and tools (in particular LCA – Life Cycle Analysis, environmental impact analysis, environmental regulations)
• Familiarity with design processes and process modelling • Capability of interdisciplinary thinking and communication (mechanics, electronics, software, etc.)

Documents to provide to Prof. Andreas Riel (andreas.riel@grenoble­‐ and As. Prof. Maud Rio (­‐
• A letter of motivation.
• A Curriculum Vitae (with ranking if any).
Please feel free to contact us for any kind of questions or further information.
You may also consult the websites, and http://www.arc8­‐